Finance Officer

Are you a talented and passionate finance officer?

  • Would you like to be part of a team that develops new products for a new fin-tech company, specialized in attractive, secure and cost effective payment solutions?
  • Would you like to help establish financial standards from scratch?

Then we like YOU to join our dynamic PaySociety team.

About us

PaySociety (PS) is soon to incorporate, and will launch its own proprietary Global Payment Network & Associated Services. These new payment solutions will transform the daily payments, including shopping, restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, internet payments, payments for your business, sending funds overseas, by providing transactions which are secure, faster, and at lower cost. Following receipt of appropriate financial licenses, we anticipate a phased launch such that our Global Payment Network will enable associated services at phase 1 covering more than 30 countries, and with further phases reaching up to 70 countries.


You are responsible

  • To work with Finance Legal and Tax and take responsibility to build the financial plan based on the business plan and other documentation, and in relation to other prepared plans, like the IT development plan, the sales plan, policies and procedures and includes:
    • The set-up of the financial structures for a global company
    • assist in advising on and setting up the financial structure and help develop a finance plan, and take leadership in the setting-up of a multi-company and multi-country bookkeeping system (a standard financial system);
    • The preparation of the methodology for a budget and detailed planning, based on the approved financial plan;
    • The set-up of monthly, quarterly and annual financial and compliance reports;and
    • The controlling of the balances in the in-house systems commensurate with the company's actual positions.
    • assist in advising on and setting up the financial structure and help develop a finance plan, based on the business plan and other documentation;
    • assist in creating a pricing strategy based on productisation and to prepare proposals for inter-company billing and checking of the balances;
    • prepare procedures and instruction for the business processes of the company
    • the bookkeeping (multi company and multi country) and the implementation of requirements for AML and for other external requested information.


  • Affection with IT and development;
  • Good writing & communication skills;
  • Flexibility and hands-on capabilities;
  • Non-corporate attitude approach;
  • Team player;
  • Self-driven professional attitude;
  • Willing to work in a dynamic environment;
  • Taking leadership with financial structures for global company;
  • Experience with multi-company and multi-country financial bookkeeping;
  • Experience implementing standards financial system;
  • Skill at drafting procedures and instructions for the business processes;
  • Setting up monthly, quarterly and annual financial tax and compliance reports;
  • Controlling the balances in the in-house systems with the company actual positions.
  • Capability to work with people in different time zones.
  • Be able to work in a multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional environment
  • Be a self-starter


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